Special Collections

In addition to the general collection, the museum archives serves as an individual, corporate and organizational repository and holds the following special collections for research and viewing:

Airline & Organization Collections

  • AirTran Airways (Courtesy of Southwest Airlines)
  • America West Airlines (Courtesy of USAirways)
  • Eastern Airlines Clipped Wings
  • FedEx Express
  • Jim Galloway Memorial IPMS Club
  • Ozark Airlines Silver Swallows
  • Retired Eastern Pilots Association (REPA)
  • United Airlines Historical Foundation (UAHF)


Personal Collections

  • Richard Bradbury & Dick (in-flight serving ware)
  • Jo Humbert (United)
  • Tommy Lee Jones (timetables, ticket jackets & other paper)
  • Paul Kowalewski (baggage labels, marketing paper)
  • Dr. Charles Quarles (uniforms, insignia and toys)
  • Captain Kim Scribner (Pan Am)
  • B.D. “Bish” Simpson (instrument testing equipment)
  • Shyrone Singh (US Airways & serving ware)
  • Christopher Smith - Kristi Shoates (time tables)
  • Larry Smith – Linda Smith (slides)
  • The Wainscott Family (uniforms, books)
  • Dick Wallin (in-flight serving ware)
  • Captain Elmer Collins (North Central)

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Educational Programming

Educational Programming

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